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Davegårdh: Outperforming stocks

Davegårdh: Outperforming stocks

Bjorn died very early in 2016 of a weak heart, at the age of 67. Tore Davegårdh is not only a brother of Björn but also a fellow qualified as a stock analyst and stock market writer.

In the new book “Superior to stock” He offers his best tips and Bjorn’s ground rules for achieving more successful equity savings. The book is a warm tribute to his beloved brother but also to save his successful share. It also introduces a number of surprising and exhilarating anecdotes from within the financial life.

The classic question: Why did you write the book?

I’ve gotten some publicity about it over the years. Since Björn’s death I have thought about it a little more and this year I am totally secluded in Bohuslan. She gave time to start.

What is it in a nutshell?

It’s an extraordinary mixture of good advice on equity investments and more personal short stories – how I got into the financial industry, the crash in Firmanta, my father’s financial affairs and more. The book is also a tribute to my brother – he’s been great at finding exciting spots.

Which is more acute, your advice or the basic Bjorn rules? genuinely.

Bjorn’s basic grammar is very good. In practice, however, he was more daring than his general rules would suggest. Björn found many course winners, but he also walked some real nails.

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My advice is more focused on finding really good placements with excellent info. Facast? It is difficult to judge. Bjorn and I once participated in a contest in a stock magazine about who found the best equity investments in the relatively short term.

Bjorn won, it was the sharpest! But if the competition had continued another month or so, I would have won by an overwhelming majority when one of his companies got completely out of hand. In fact, I expected it. It was sharper.

What is Bjorn’s strength as a writer on the stock market?

He often had corners about stock market phenomena and dared to stick to his chin. Not so much “if and but” but directly on “buy or sell”. Reading was fun.

Bjorn always wrote simply, so that even people outside the financial industry could grasp a rather complex material.

And what is yours?

I also write simply, but maybe I’m more careful not to go to any real mines. From my technical background, I am very good at assessing how long it takes companies with new “revolutionary products” to achieve any commercial success.

What distinguishes the stock market book today from what was done during your peak work?

The range of information is much greater than other channels than traditional newspapers. So the impact for a single writer wouldn’t be great. Today there are many talented writers, but the articles were probably more fun in the past.

How do you see the stock market situation now?

Surprisingly strong given all the misery that has happened in the past year. I was wrong for some time – I thought the pride of trade wars, etc. President Trump would hurt the global economy much worse than it has been until now.

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After the sharp rally from last spring, the real rally won’t surprise me, but even in the weak stock market, stocks are getting stronger.

Give us three companies worth buying.

Move It became a real success story and I think the company continues to take market shares from the big banks. I myself am a very satisfied and customer.

Neb It has been my favorite company for many years. I consider the CEO of the company Gertrick Lindqvist to be the best in the stock market. The valuation is now very high – buy when sluggish.

Ecoclime Something of a gamble. The stake was very strong, meaning the stakes were high. But the company operates in an interesting area. With the company’s patented heat exchangers, which can withstand harsh environments, much energy can be recovered from wastewater. Interest in products is expected to grow, probably mainly from real estate companies.

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