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Dachshund killed during hunting training – Jaktjournalen

Dachshund killed during hunting training – Jaktjournalen

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The first wolf attack on a hunting dog occurred in the city of Gippo, Finland. Photo: Gettyimages, Google Maps, montage

Suddenly the dachshund Bosko’s engine fell silent – and after a while the scale stopped. The dachshund was taken away by wolves, and Finnish hunter Mikael Grahn faced a horrific sight when he found his dog’s remains.

Ostrobotnian newspaper Reports on the incident and warns readers of unpleasant images. Jaktjournalen spoke to Mikael Grahn and obtained permission to publish the photo – it is at the bottom of the article.

Last Saturday, Mikael Grahn went out to Finnish Djibouti to train his seven-year-old dachshund Bosko. The dog drifted for about 20 minutes when it fell silent and the loader indicated it was making a 90-degree angle in the terrain.

And suddenly the scale died.

– All this happened 300 meters from me. At first I thought the probe had malfunctioned, but then I began to suspect there was a problem, Mikael tells Österbottens Tidning.

Shocking scene

Mikael has just undergone surgery and is moving slowly. After half an hour of searching, a horrific sight greeted him. Only the front part of the dachshund was on the ground.

– I was paralyzed. And this was a real hit. He was a great hunting dog and one of the family. I couldn’t believe in my wildest imagination that this was the view I was going to encounter, says Mikael to Osterbottens Tidning.

According to Jean-Eric Nebejar, the focal point for predator issues, there is no doubt that the dachshund was killed by wolves.

– Guaranteed to be a wolf. The wolves eat from behind, and the dachshund has been eaten from behind, and only half of the dog is left. It’s usually the wolf. However, no one could say whether it was about one or more.

It’s hard to get excited

Jean-Eric Nebejar told the newspaper that this was the first attack on a hunting dog in the Nekarleby region.

Mikael Grahn finds it hard to feel any enthusiasm for the fall hunting season.

– Now the spark may have flown. It’s tough because you can’t pursue your greatest interest without being afraid of the wolves. I think it’s wrong for Helsinki Green to decide what should be in the Ostrobotnian forests and near the buildings. I think all anglers would agree with me on that, says Mikael Grahn to Österbottens Tidning.

This is how Mikael Grahn found his dachshund Bosko. The dog was seven years old. Photo: private
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