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Criticism for New Netflix Movie "The Dig"

Criticism for New Netflix Movie “The Dig”

Netflix’s movie “The Dig” is full of big names, and many users of the streaming service are yearning for the day of the premiere.

The film is based on the novel of the same name from 2007 about Britain’s most famous archaeological excavation when an Anglo-Saxon cemetery in Sutton Hoo was found in 1939. Carey Mulligan plays the wealthy widow Edith Berry who employs amateur archaeologist Basil Brown. , Played by Ralph Fiennes.

Although many yearned for the movie, many viewers questioned the cast due to their ages.

Among other things, many reacted to Carrie Mulligan, who is 35 years old, playing the role of 56. They believe that it is wrong not to allow an older actress to play the role.

Director’s answer

“Is it true that the woman in” The Dig, “Edith Perry, was 56 years old? It’s played by 35-year-old Carrie Mulligan. They don’t allow women over 40 to be seen on screen, right?”, Writes an upset model on Twitter according to Cosmopolitan.

“Shame because there is no live actress on earth at that age and that we middle-aged women are so disgusted to look at him.”Post writes.

Nicole Kidman, 53, was already slated to play Edith Perry. But when I got out of the movie, I went to Carey Mulligan instead.

At the same time, viewers also noted that the 51-year-old Ben Chaplin plays 27-year-old Stuart Pigott and believes age doesn’t play as much a role for men as for women.

In an interview with BBC Director Simon Stone responds to the criticism.

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John Preston’s novel deviates from the truth in many respects and does not claim to be entirely true, so the possibility of deviating from historical accuracy does exist.

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