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Create games without creating anything

Create games without creating anything

I just sat down and looked at what’s on offer at this month’s Humble Bundles and realized it’s very much a festival of origins. Courses, characters and such, you probably already know you can buy for Unity, but there was also a huge bundle of music for different game types. None of it looked or sounded exciting to me. It feels like you are reading a book by Chat-GPT.

I’ve seen in some games an occasional “ah, maybe those 4 configs from Daz 3D were used over there” with minimal modification. Understand how B would feel if you reached the last boss in one game and then had the same character as an infantryman in another. How can one become so isolated all of a sudden.

I was disappointed the other day when I learned that the old Kenny Starfighter theme song “Screen Heroes” was from some classical music tape made for a completely different purpose and then used up a bit here and there.

I think this kind of cut and paste is too boring and flexible. Now I understand that not everyone can paint, play music, etc., but there is always an avid artist out there somewhere who can certainly work for free to build up their portfolio or for some sort of compensation.

If you don’t want to create images or sound or anything else, why would you want to create games, I want to ask? If you want to write code or create algorithms, you can approach it in many different ways. Then I wonder if anyone is using these off-the-shelf resources already?

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