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Corona mutated Sweden - more cases from Norway: 'Close'

Corona mutated Sweden – more cases from Norway: ‘Close’

Over the weekend, Sweden closed its borders with Norway, after a type of British virus began to spread in Oslo.

But now Sweden has overtaken Norway and more mutation cases have been detected here compared to the neighboring country. On Tuesday, a total of 95 cases were found here – and 29 of them had nothing to do with travel. By comparison, 69 cases were found in Norway on the same day. According to NRK.

“Sweden shut down”

Several researchers have commented critically on Sweden’s handling of the mutation. Bjorn Olsen, chief physician and professor of infectious diseases at Uppsala University, thinks not much is being done.

We have a much higher prevalence of infection than Norway and have many contacts with the UK, so I think unfortunately the mutation is well established here.

It is believed that the alternative could become dominant in Sweden.

Viruses follow evolutionary laws, and a more successful alternative will take control in the long run. And if this version was contagious and was spreading, we could get more sick and die more.

Bjorn Olsen of Sweden wants to act quickly to stop the boom. It is believed that bars, schools and public activities should be closed for a period of three to four weeks – and that oral hygiene requirements should be introduced in all indoor settings.

He also wants to test everyone who travels to Sweden.

We must limit the spread so that we can start tracking the infection reasonably and we can search for the mutation and isolate the infected.

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That way, you can control the situation while you wait for the population to be vaccinated, he says.

Two people do not have to meet. This is the only chance the virus will spread. Close and confirm the vaccination as soon as possible.

Greetings to Norway

In Norway today Put 25 municipalities under Strict restrictions. Bjorn Olsen is positive about the actions of the neighboring country.

Norway was very difficult to test, trace and isolate. They have ten times more deaths per person than us. Same thing with Finland.

But countries like Belgium and France are locking down their societies – and they still have a lot of deaths?

Yes, but these countries have a much higher population density. Sweden’s three largest cities are crowded, but other than that the country is sparsely populated. In addition, countries like Belgium have a different structure in which people communicate more socially across generational boundaries.

Recently, the number of cases has decreased somewhat in Stockholm, among other places. But Bjorn Olsen thinks it is not possible to lower the guard.

If the virus is more contagious than the other copies, we can expect an increase in the second wave, which we are in now. It can be changed in a flash.

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