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Controversial sacking of Britain’s home secretary – former prime minister David Cameron becomes new foreign minister – Foreign Office –

Controversial sacking of Britain’s home secretary – former prime minister David Cameron becomes new foreign minister – Foreign Office –

Suella Braverman’s recent scathing statements against pro-Palestinian demonstrations were too much for the prime minister. He has attracted attention many times for his strong opinions.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has sacked Home Secretary Suella Braverman.

The minister sparked anger when he accused the police of being too tolerant of pro-Palestinian protesters.

Braverman quit his job as part of the shakeup, the government says.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverley has been appointed as the new Home Secretary.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron returns

Former Prime Minister David Cameron returns to day-to-day politics and takes charge of the British Foreign Office.

Monday morning saw Cameron enter ‘Number 10’ (Prime Minister’s House), drawing attention and rumors of a surprise return to government. The rumors were later confirmed.

David Cameron, who has been out of parliament since stepping down as prime minister in 2016, could now take a seat in the House of Lords to take up his new role.

David Cameron (file photo)

Image: EPA

Braverman has been a problem for Prime Minister Sunak

Prime Minister Sunak has been under pressure for some time to fire Suella Braverman over her controversial statements.

In an unusual attack on the police, Braverman published an op-ed in The Times last week accusing London’s police force of allowing Palestinians to demonstrate in the Gaza Strip in favor of Palestinians.

She believed the police were ignoring crimes against the law – “crimes carried out by pro-Palestinian gangs”. He also described protesters calling for a ceasefire in Gaza as “hateful marchers”.

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The article was allegedly published against Prime Minister Sunak’s wishes.

Braverman is popular among the more authoritarian wing of the ruling Conservative Party.

Suella Braverman

Image: Marcin Novak/LNP/Shutterstock/All Over Press

Argument with the police last Saturday

On Saturday, protesters clashed with police in London.

Far-right supporters gathered to attack a Palestinian protest.

Critics accuse Braverman of contributing to the tense situation.

“It will be adjusted before next year’s parliamentary elections.”

Parliamentary elections will be held in Great Britain next year.

The conservative Tories have trailed the Labor opposition by double-digit margins during Sunak’s tenure, and his party is widely tipped to be headed for a clear electoral defeat.

Suella Braverman has generated controversy throughout her tenure.

Among other things, he has a hard line on immigration and has talked about his “dream” of sending asylum seekers to Rwanda.

He has lashed out at critics he calls “Guardian-reading tofu-eating wokracati”.

However, his situation became more and more unacceptable after he wrote a newspaper article in which he accused the police of acting in a biased manner.