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Children killed in Russian bombing of the city of Sumy

During the night the city of Sumy in northeastern Ukraine was bombed.

At least nine people were killed in the attack – two of them children France Press agency.

“We will never forgive this,” wrote Dmytro Zyvitsky, the leader of the local Ukrainian army.

Russian fighters were said to have attacked the Ukrainian city of Sumy at 11pm local time yesterday and several residential areas were said to have been struck. More than ten people died.

“Unfortunately, children were among the dead,” Dmytro Zyvitsky, the local commander of the Ukrainian army in the city, wrote on Facebook.

At least nine people were said to have died in the attack, including two children, AFP reported.

According to Zhyvytsky, four men of the Ukrainian National Guard were also killed during the night fighting in Sumy.

“We will never forgive this,” wrote Dmytro Zivitsky.

Human Corridor of Sumy

Ukrainian authorities say that a humanitarian corridor will be established in the cities of Sumy, KyivAnd Chernigov and Mariupol During the day.

The city of Sumy, located near the Russian border in northeastern Ukraine, has been under fierce fighting and attacks for several days now.

Destruction of a military base in the Sumy region which, according to the Ukrainian army, was destroyed in a Russian attack on February 28.

The attempt to evacuate civilians on buses from Sumy will now begin at 09:00 SST.

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“This proposal does not necessarily require sending residents to Russia or Russian territory,” he told the UN Security Council. AP.

This will be the third attempt to help civilians out of the country during the ceasefire. Previous attempts to create humanitarian corridors failed.