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Charlotte Banks and Lucas Ijibar won the gold medal at the World Cup

Charlotte Banks and Lucas Ijibar won the gold medal at the World Cup

When the women’s gate fell in the final of the figure skating, Czech Eva Samkova quickly ran rudely. It didn’t last, however, and it wasn’t long before Charlotte Banks, 25, from Great Britain, stepped in on the opponent. Banks was also the one who took the gold despite the fact that she accidentally lowered Australian Bill Brockhoff, and she almost got away.

There was no medal for Brockhoff who was close to a silver. However, she is not the only one through competition to lose her balance at Dragon Hill, but three or four other skaters also fall at the finish line.

– It’s a shame for Bill, it was a tight race and unfortunately I was broken. Banks says I’m glad I was able to maintain a balance.

In 2019, Banks won her first World Cup medal in Utah, and although Banks was previously on the podium, she never won a gold.

– It feels so good, I’ve had some great days here, you conclude.

Haemmerle clear winner, right?

During the men’s tour, it was Alessandro Himerl who took the lead, although it was even between him and 19-year-old Elliot Gunden. But seconds before the final jump, Spain’s Lucas Ijibar managed to skip the final jump but returned home with the gold medal.

The last time he was awarded a medal was when he took the silver at home, 2017 Sierra Nevada. However, the gold was not evident to Ijibar, it was only a tight race to the finish line, where the gold was decided with a final touch.

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– I can’t believe it, I have a bad season behind. Came here with a bad stomach feeling. He says he feels like I’m dreaming.

Did you know you can win?
– No, you were too late. I waited until the end, and told myself to just drive and not think of anything else, as Ejbar concludes.