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Charles “Mario” Martinet doesn’t know what his role as Mario’s ambassador entails

Charles “Mario” Martinet doesn’t know what his role as Mario’s ambassador entails

You won’t do Mario’s voice anymore.

Two weeks ago it was clear that Charles Martinet would no longer be doing the voice of Mario. Era goes to the grave. Instead, Martinet will assume the role of Mario’s ambassador. What does it mean? Who do you know!? Not Charles Martinet, however. during Q&A at Galaxycon In Austin he said:

I am now, as you have seen in the newsfeed, Mario’s ambassador. I still don’t know what it is. I’m not retired, so to speak. I don’t know how…but I’m an ambassador. As we move into the future, everyone and I will get to know what it is.

For now, Martinet welcomes that he will come Ambassador, as always.. He will go on to represent both Nintendo and Mario, but what the official role means remains to be seen.

Charles Martinet has been doing the voice of Mario since the mid-90s, and it was his first major Mario game Super Mario 64 – where he also played Bowser! We heard it later in almost modern classics like Super Mario Galaxy, paper mario, mario party And Super Mario Odyssey. His last role as the plumber was interesting enough in a Ubisoft game: Mario + Rabbids sparks of hope.

to update: Nintendo just released a video in which Charles Martinet and Shigeru Miyamoto thank each other for their efforts. Martinet also seems more aware of what an ambassador’s job entails: traveling the world and meeting fans, sort of. Then you know!