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CES 2024 – Ottonomy's self-driving beer cart

CES 2024 – Ottonomy's self-driving beer cart

Ottobot Brew is a self-driving robot that can serve drinks to customers wherever they are.

The robot is equipped with a cooling chamber for drinks Cooler Keg CO2 system and can serve many different drinks. Ottobot Brew is not designed for home delivery but is intended for events, arenas and hotels.

“Our autonomous robotics technology is changing the way brands can meet evolving customer demands,” explains Ritukar Vijay, CEO and Co-Founder. “Our partnerships will focus on ways autonomous delivery robots can sustainably improve customer service through accessibility and scalability.”

Ottobot Locker was developed in collaboration with Harbor Lockers It is an autonomous L4 robot that should be able to deliver products locally. The robot can also move items from one place to another and thus act as a mobile parcel locker for customers. Like other delivery robots, the Ottobot Locker has an enclosed box that can be navigated to a specific location. This includes delivery to the boundaries of the plot of land and transportation of goods inland.

Ottonomy does not plan to sell its Ottobots To the common man but don't be surprised if you see one used to deliver goods if you are in the US in the future.

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