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British and Cubans in the United Kingdom against the siege of Cuba (+ photos) – Brenza Latin

British and Cubans in the United Kingdom against the siege of Cuba (+ photos) – Brenza Latin

Dozens of people have posted their complaints on social media against Washington’s unilateral move, as current restrictions on the Govt-19 epidemic have prevented large protests.

Others respected social distance activities, rode in public places or cycled, wore T-shirts representing Cuba and carried Cuban flags.

Walia Rodriguez, a member of the Cubans in the UK, said in a video from a park in Birmingham that fighting the siege is a fight for the Cuban family, for your friends and for your neighbors.

The Communist Revolutionary Group and its organization, the Rock Around the Siege, joined the effort from London and other British cities, where they organized small sit-ins demanding the lifting of the 60-year-old economic, financial and commercial blockade that cost more than $ 140 billion.

Thousands joined the Campaign for Solidarity with Cuba (CSC) in the United Kingdom and hung Cuban flags on the doors of their homes or went for a walk or a bicycle as a show with the national identity of the Caribbean island. Support.

The CSC called on British voters to have their representatives in parliament sign a resolution calling on London to promote international cooperation with Havana and to intervene with US President Joe Biden’s administration to normalize relations with Cuba.

The initiative already has the support of 36 UK legislators.

Although the United States has endorsed unilateral action against Cuba 28 times in a row since 1992, the UN General Assembly, which was adjourned last year, plans to debate and vote next May. -19 epidemic due to govt last year.

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The siege will be condemned again at the United Nations this year, so CSC Director Rob Miller assured Prinza Latina that the move would benefit Cuba and the American people, as it was time for the United States to ask the world’s will on the issue.

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