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Brave Olympiad - but a standard Rammell ride promises good things

Brave Olympiad – but a standard Rammell ride promises good things

Without the team’s main crew – fifth seed Patrick Kittel and Will Dunn at the last minute – the trio of Therese Nellshagen and sisters Juliette Rammell and Antonia Rammell provided sporadic showers.

Sixth place in the team competition was slightly worse than it was in Rio 2016. Individually, Nielshagen didn’t get it in a freestyle final and didn’t reach the 80 percent mark (79.721), Antonia Rammel rode in the special Grand Prix but her crew held it. style all the way.

Juliette Rammel and Borrell.

In only the crew’s second freestyle, their number rose significantly from 74,346 at the European Championships in Rotterdam in 2019 to 81,182 in their Olympic debut.

That was enough for ninth place.

– Yes, that was nice. It could be like it starts when the music is. It is not known if it will light up much, but it is not so today, says Rammell.

the fine? It is possible to escalate a few percent more.

– truly. Now I take it very calmly and don’t want to stress it too much.

Gina clapped hard

Union Captain Bu Gina frantically pressed the giant clap gloves. Ramil’s flight was the final positive image he wanted.

– Best freestyle Juliet ever participated in the competition. Really, really good. Lovely piaffe, traffic and good gallop. Preaching good news. They found each other in a very sweet way.

Juliette Rammell helped take bronze at the European Championships in Rotterdam. At the Olympic Games, she emerged as the main jockey for the team.

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Trinidad and Tobago: Do ​​you consider the Olympics a major achievement for her?

– I do, says Jenå.

He took over as captain of the national team as early as November 2008 and is the longest-serving member of the three Olympic equestrian disciplines.

Five on average less than Jenå

During Jenå, the national team earned two European Championship bronze medals in teams and a European Championship individual bronze through Patrik Kittel.

But in the international ranking of breakout Sweden – seen during tournaments (European Championships, World Cup and Olympics) since 2009 – remains in the group below the absolute elite, with Germany always included, the Netherlands and Great Britain most often.

The average Swedish placement in the tournament is five.

Trinidad and Tobago: How are you going to get to a level where you fight seriously for medals in the Olympics and the Olympics?

– You shouldn’t say “if we had it with Patrick” but I do it anyway. It was a few percent higher than the others in the competitions and if we had it, we would have had that percentage in the team competition here.

On the road

Trinidad and Tobago: Where is the national team heading?

– If it continues like this we keep the horses healthy and the riders keep the level, we’re on our way up.

In the future tournaments will be dense. Already September 7-12 is waiting for the European Championships in Hagen, Germany, next year is the World Cup, the European Championship 2023 again, and then the Olympics in Paris 2024.

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Keitel, Nellshagen and the Rammell sisters can soon count on competition from veteran Tenny Wilhelmson-Sylvin, who currently doesn’t own a championship horse but is investing more.

– Gina Hojberg also has an interesting horse, says Jenna.

TT: Are you captain Dory in a good seat?

– Yes I think so.

Germany is a dressage giant. Jessica von Prideaux-Werndel/Dalera and Isabel Wirth/Bella Rose and Dorothy Schneider/Showtime won the team gold medal on Tuesday. A day later, von Bredow-Werndl won the individual gold medal ahead of Werth. Bronze went to Britain’s Charlotte Dujardin at Geo.

Union Captain Bo Gina wearing clapping gloves. Photo: Pontus Lundal/TT

Facts: European Championships, World Cup and Olympic results with Bo Jenå

Location, class: 4.

1st place, singles: 12) Mina Tildi / Don Charlie, 73.60.

Location, class: 10.

Headquarters, individual: 28) Mina Tildi / Larina Home, 66,042.

Location, class: 4.

Main position, singles: 3) Patrick Keitel / Scandic, 83.429.

Location, class: 5.

Main position, singles: 11) Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén / Don Auriello, 79,321.

Location, class: 5.

Main position, singles: 8) Wilhelmson Selvin / Don Auriello, 80.071.

Location, class: 6.

Main position, singles: 7) Wilhelmson Selvin / Don Auriello, 80375.

Location, class: 5.

Main position, singles: 6) Vilhelmson-Silfvén / Don Auriello, 80,643.

Location, class: 5.

Main position, singles: 8) Vilhelmson Silfvén / Don Auriello, 81.553.

Location, class: 3.

Main position, singles: 10) Vilhelmson Silfvén / Paridon Magi, 76.78.

Location, class: 4.

Main position, single: 5) Kittel/Well Done, 79.726.

Location, class: 3.

Headquarters: 8) Kittel/Well Done, 82,296.

Location, class: 6.

1st place individually: 9) Juliette Rammel / Borrell