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Boris Johnson accused of hypocrisy after racist attacks

Boris Johnson accused of hypocrisy after racist attacks

At the start of the European Championship, British Home Secretary Priti Patel criticized the Black Lives Matter movement as “devastating” in the UK, then refused to condemn some English fans who bowed when players fell on their team. Knees before the game, as a stand against racism.

“I can’t support people who engage in this kind of political gesture,” Patel said of the players at GB News — and added that how to deal with it “is up to everyone.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not explicitly want to condemn the booing, though he urged fans to “cheer rather than boo”.

Now those statements have become a burden on the government.

racist hate Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka were also revealed on social media after the penalty shootout in the European Championship final upset many in England and led to a police investigation.

Boris Johnson and Priti Patel denounced the attacks on the two players. But national team defender Tyrone Mings, on a daily basis at Aston Villa, believes this is hypocrisy.

Commenting on Twitter, Mings wrote on Twitter: “It is not possible to fan the flames at the start of the tournament by calling our anti-racist message ‘political gestures’ and then pretending to be amazed when exactly what we campaigned for will happen. The Secretary of the Interior removed the racism in the jump.”

Mings is supported by Conservative MP Johnny Mercer, as stated in a Twitter post Writes That “this guy is absolutely right”. Mercer believes that it is “about empathy for citizens under horrific attacks. Kindness. What it feels like to be in their place. It is not difficult.”

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from the left opposition In Labour, the tone is not unexpectedly more severe – but what hurts the government most is the criticism of players and coaches. Former national team player Gary Neville is among those who have been harsh criticism of Johnson.

– The Prime Minister said it is acceptable for people to boycott players who are trying to promote equality and fight racism. It starts from the top. “I wasn’t surprised in the least when I woke up to these headlines, I expected them as soon as I saw the three guys were gone,” Neville told Sky News.

There is now a lot of pressure on the authorities to find those responsible for racist hate crimes. According to the newspaper times Cabinet ministers have asked several major tech companies to provide information about the individuals behind them, so that one can “set an example.”

At the same time, Marcus Rashford sent a letter of thanks to all the fans who supported him after the attacks. In the letter, he takes responsibility for his misdemeanour, and says he’s so sorry – but also wrote “I never intend to apologize for who I am and where I come from.”

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