Przemysław Sozanski and Lesin Egnell. Photo: Moa Weiboom and Ellen Hoff

At the Annual Meeting of the Northwestern Skane Medical Society, Chief Physician Przemysław Sozanski, of Cognitive Medicine at Ängelholm Hospital, and Chief Physician Lysne Ignell, of Children and Youth of Virginia, of Helsingborg Hospital, received the “Best Clinical Fellow” award. Members were allowed to nominate colleagues who, for example, inspire and contribute good energy in the workplace or are particularly good at sharing knowledge and experience.

The reasons were:

“Przemek embodies the faithful worker of generosity. With great diligence and skill, he deals with the most multifaceted clinical problems, whether defined primarily as geriatric, neurological or psychiatric.

With strong training in internal medicine from his homeland, Przemek gained specialist competence in Sweden first in general medicine in Norrbotten and then in geriatrics after an appointment at Ängelholm Hospital. He works at the front desk and in the cognitive medicine consulting team, and is also called on as a backup assistant in the medical clinic. “He is highly regarded by our medical colleagues, other staff and students, and not least by patients and their relatives.”

»As the queen of informal custody, she experiences nosebleeds mixed with shortness of breath, difficult conversations and tense classmates. Lisen takes the time to coach more inexperienced colleagues even in difficult and stressful situations. It teaches us to have a helicopter perspective in the emergency room, and to think about zebras even though they are usually horses.

Leisen is the colleague who doesn't just politely ask “how's it going,” but who takes her time, listens, supports, and is there when our colleagues need it. It pushes us junior doctors not to accept poor working conditions and impossible schedules. Lisen is the one who treats anaphylaxis at the clinic party and offers to drive his refreshed teammates home. She is the colleague who remembers details and always has a candy bar in her pocket when energy is low. She often takes the side of physician assistants in sometimes heated morning conference discussions. We hope everyone gets to work with a colleague like Lesen at some point – she is invaluable! Lesson, thanks for being you.”

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