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“Be so even” – Sport –

“Be so even” – Sport –

Sports star Simon Hjalmarsson was unable to play this week. In 120 minutes, Vasalaget did not get a single puck. On Thursday, they obviously lost to the Pelicans at home.

Hockey Thursdays in Vaasa. Referee duo Stefan Funsilius and Alexei Rantala then chose to follow the rulebook ruthlessly.

The match between Sport and Pelicans was riddled with dismissals. The home players scored four braces in the first half.

The Pelicans managed to take advantage of one of the numerical advantages. Juuso Jämsen progresses in the first game after the game mode in the Sports area.

Little brother Aato did not want to be worse and answered the second goal of the Lahti team in the middle half.

They punished us with a goal when we were sent off. We were put on the wrong lane in the match and had to chase, Sport coach Risto Duvva sums up in the press conference.

Hjalmarsson roared away: “It’s strange that we didn’t score a single goal”

The Pelicans’ first-choice goalkeeper Patrick Bartosak disappeared, and then it was second-choice Jaspet Patarikinen who guarded the penalty area.

Patrikinen is very happy in Vasa. The Pelicans won the night 4-0 after Otto Kivinmake and Lukas Jasek scored in the third period – it was Patrikinen’s third away win at Sport. In the three matches in Vaasa, he was outclassed only once.

According to Dovva, the apparent final numbers were misleading.

– I think it was very even, it was very effective. We worked hard but we were left without a reward.

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The common denominator for this week’s 0-3 loss against Tappara and 0-4 loss against the Pelicans is the absence of Simon Hjalmarsson. The new signing quickly became a fixture in the sport, with 12 points in 13 games.

– Of course it was important in the power game and the first string game. It’s been two games away now and it’s strange we haven’t scored a single goal going forward, Duvva says sarcastically.

FM League

Sports – Pelicans 0–4 (0–1, 0–1, 0–2)
KooKoo – JYP 1-2 (0–0, 1–0, 0–2)