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Bay City Rollers singer Les McGowan has died

Bay City Rollers singer Les McGowan has died

They peaked in the ’70s with hits like “Bye Bye Baby”, “I Want To Be Alone With You” and “Shank-a-Long” and have sold over 120 million albums over the years. BBC. But on Thursday it was announced that the band’s singer Les McGowan had died at the age of 65.

A message signed by his wife and son claiming he had died at home was posted on his Facebook page.

We mourn the death of our beloved husband and father, Leslie Richard McCain. Leslie died quickly at home on Tuesday, April 20, 2021 “, it was written, among others.

The cause of death is currently unknown.

He jumped out of the band in 1978

Les McGowan became part of the Scottish band in 1973 when he was 18 years old. The following year they achieved the success of “Remember (Sha-la-la-la)”, which was followed by “Shank-a-Long” and “Summerlow Sensation” and band members transformed into teenage idols in the UK.

They also made an international impact, entering the Billboard Hot 100 in 1974 with the song “Saturday Night”.

However, in 1978, Les McGowan left the band, and other members wanted to focus on a new wave called The Rollers. For many years, in late 2015, he would return to the band for several comeback tours and live recordings.

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