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Angelique bridges the worlds of clinic, research and teaching at KBH

Angelique bridges the worlds of clinic, research and teaching at KBH

She has clinical experience in advanced gynecological cancer surgery, particularly ovarian cancer, as well as various aspects of quality of life, such as hormone replacement and sexual function after undergoing cancer treatment.

With many years of experience from the gynecology clinic for women at genetic risk of, among others, gynecological cancer and BRCA mutation, to Director of the Department of Hereditary Cancer and “Principal Investigator” of an ongoing international multicenter study in women with BRCA mutation,

You can safely say she is an expert in her field.

– My clinical research is based on the patient populations I care for. What drives me is to be able to offer a better quality of life to those women who have undergone cancer treatment and breast/ovarian cancer prevention to women who have a high risk of developing these cancers due to hereditary gene mutations.“Angelique says.

Her research is clinical and translational. Translational research focuses on preventing breast and ovarian cancer, especially in women who are at high risk of developing these types of cancer. Clinical research focuses on quality of life after cancer treatment. In her role as Department Director, she also leads the ongoing development of the Oncology Centre.

Angelique was and remains the main supervisor and co-supervisor of many PhD students at KBH, and has lectured for many years in basic education (medical programme) and reproductive and gynecology at KI. Her lecturing experience includes leading the National Gynecologic Cancer Training Course (GYN), as a guest speaker at specialist level at national and Nordic meetings and as a recognized expert in testosterone therapy and menopause. She also continuously participates in the basic training of VFU University in Gynecology and ST-Oncology in the Stockholm region in receiving hereditary cancer patients.

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Joint lectureship provides great opportunities for integration of teaching and research in hereditary gynecological cancer, precision medicine and prevention.

-In this position, I will be a good link between the clinic, research and teaching in hereditary oncology/hereditary cancer, and precision medicine as we witness a paradigm shift in cancer treatment.“Angelique says.

Her passion for prevention and research is coupled with her love of dance, which gives her energy. So perhaps it is not surprising that today there will be a valuable lecture (obstetrics and gynecology with a focus on cancer prevention) at the Bahrain Specialist Hospital.