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Analysis: Clear majority of Britons regret Brexit

Analysis: Clear majority of Britons regret Brexit


Boris Johnson was a key player when Britain left the EU. Image: Frank Ochstein

Britons are poorer than they have been in the EU, but it is hard to determine whether Brexit or other factors are playing a bigger role in the growth. That's what Kathryn Keilos-Marcel writes in DN Analysis.

He refers to a new report by Goldman Sachs which shows that the Kingdom would have been five per cent richer had Brexit not happened. At the same time, Katrine Kielos-Marçal emphasizes, it is difficult to know what is due to leaving the EU and what is due to other factors instead.

“Perhaps more relevant is that the majority of British people today would have happily moved on to an alternative reality. From 2022, a majority of voters say they regret the referendum result,” he writes.

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