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An updated vaccine against COVID-19 is expected before winter – Lidingö News

An updated vaccine against COVID-19 is expected before winter – Lidingö News

During the autumn, updated COVID-19 vaccines are expected to arrive in Sweden, which provide increased protection against the now dominant virus variant XBB and its sub-variants, the Public Health Agency announces on its website. Deliveries are expected in October, ahead of the vaccination campaign for the season, which begins on November 7.

Many have now returned from vacation and schools are starting again. During the summer, the spread of COVID-19 was low in Sweden. Although there has been a certain increase in recent weeks, the prevalence of infection is still considered to be at a relatively low level.

Currently, the spread of infection in Sweden is dominated by the XBB virus variant. The vaccine now in use against COVID-19 provides good protection against severe disease for all circulating variants, but updated vaccines delivered this fall have more specific protection against the XBB variant.

Vaccination efforts begin November 7

Nationally, this season’s vaccination efforts begin November 7, but the exact order may vary across the country. The updated vaccines will then be ready. Vaccines are currently in production and the approval process is ongoing.

The reason why mass vaccination efforts against coronavirus and influenza began in November is to create the best possible immunity in advance of the period when the virus is expected to spread further. Some people in risk groups, for example residents of special homes for the elderly (SÄBO), will be able to get vaccinated two weeks earlier.

COVID-19 and influenza are serious illnesses for many people over the age of 65 and those at risk. For them, it is important to strengthen their protection through vaccination. Our recommendation is to get up-to-date vaccines against COVID-19 before winter to get the best possible protection, says Deputy Unit Chief Joanna Rubin.

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The Public Health Authority is reviewing

The Public Health Authority is continuously monitoring the state of knowledge regarding COVID-19. Additional doses against COVID-19 are recommended for people who have risk factors due to disease or age. Ahead of this season’s vaccination efforts, the Public Health Agency is conducting a review of which groups need a COVID-19 vaccine dose before the winter of 2023, and whether current recommendations need to be modified based on the current state of knowledge. Notification is expected in September.

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