Amazon Go Food Store To Launch In London

Amazon has found retail space in which to launch its Go food stores in central London, it is reported by trade magazine The Grocer.

Go stores are physical convenience stores primarily offering ready to eat food  and serving a similar customer demand to Tesco Express or Sainsbury’s Local. The very significant difference is that they are automated – customers are tracked during their visit and then automatically charged for their purchasers without having to use a checkout.

Go food currently only operates in Seattle, Chicago and San Francisco. The new store or stores would be the first in the UK. No location has been disclosed as yet but a separate rumour last December suggested Oxford Circus was in Amazon’s sights.

Amazon is known to be keen to expand its presence both in food retailing and physical stores. However, the Go concept is highly dependent on some very advanced technology and is very experimental even in the US. Go in the UK could change the face of retailing – and hence the retail property market – for ever. Then again, it could be a spectacular failure.

Source The Grocer
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