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A new record for digital advertising

A new record for digital advertising

The vast majority advertise through the Swedish Tax Agency’s online service, but this year half a million Swedes have agreed to advertise by phone and code.

РA total of 900,000 were approved over the phone or text message this year. It was a flexible way to advertise during the pandemic as an alternative to paper, as it could have been done at home without electronic identification, says Anna Sjöberg, an advertising expert at the Swedish Tax Authority.

This means that just over 4.5 million people have used the Swedish Tax Agency’s online service to advertise. Of those who used the phone to advertise, 538,000 approved by phone and code, while 364,000 were approved by text message.

Those who have money to wait for their refund will see them in their accounts someday during the second week of June. But some statements are more difficult than others, so there may be ads that are no longer subject to full review. If you have such an ad, you will get a refund once the review is complete.

If you have residual tax, it must be paid no later than November 12, but the Swedish Tax Authority declares that the remaining tax can be filed at any time, preferably via the Swedish. The advantage of this is that the interest rate over the cost is lower. As of May 4, the interest rate on unpaid tax is 1.25 percent.

The next big submission day for declarations is May 31, when 61,000 people who have obtained a postponement of the declaration must send it to the Swedish Tax Authority no later than after that, 685,000 people who have taken advantage of an accounting firm must declare no later than June 15.

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