Williams’ Kensington Iceberg Pool Gets OK

Singer Robbie Williams has secured conditional planning consent to excavate what has been described as a ‘mega basement pool’ beneath his Holland Park mansion.

Plans for the substantial underground swimming pool and spa complex have reportedly been under consideration for over five years. They have been hotly contested by neighbours, including Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page who has said he is concerned about the damage the construction work could cause to the delicate fabric of his neighbouring listed property.

However, Kensington & Chelsea councillors have now approved the plans subject to certain conditions, including restrictions on noise and vibration levels during the works. At the planning meeting councillors also suggested Williams and Page meet personally to resolve any concerns.

The case has been widely reported in the press as a ‘battle between two superstars’. However, this conceals what is actually the real story here – essentially that there is still a huge desire to extend high end London properties downwards and very little in practice that detractors can do to prevent it.

Source The Sun
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