Will Jobless Cameron Load Up On London Property?

David Cameron resigned from his role as MP for Witney, Oxfordshire yesterday. Mr Cameron, 49, who resigned as prime minister after June’s EU referendum, said he did not want to be a “distraction” for new PM Theresa May

The Cameron’s are currently staying in a swanky £4 million house in Chelsea belonging to family friend Dominic Johnson. They plan to stay until the end of October, when the tenants at their four-bedroom Edwardian family home in Notting Hill are due to move out.

During Mr. Cameron’s time in office it is estimated that he has made a cool £500,000 from renting out his luxury home. To supplement this huge income, its alleged that the family recently raised £800,000 via mortgaging their London home to use as a war chest for his post-premiership future.

The £3.6 million Notting Hill mansion isn’t the only property owned by the old Etonian, he also owns a £1.3 million country pile in Oxfordshire, near Chipping Norton.

DMZ reported that his predecessor Tony Blair is reputed to have a thriving £27 million property portfolio which includes a stunning £8.5 million Georgian townhouse in Connaught Square, alongside a huge buy-to-let portfolio.

Samantha Cameron’s father Sir Reginald Sheffield already owns an impressive £20 million portfolio of land in Northern England, but DMZ wonders whether the Cameron’s will follow the Blair’s lead and look to London property to retain and build their wealth.

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