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What You Must Know About Dark Web

The surface web is a section of the internet where sites are indexed by popular search engines and can be easily viewed using the traditional web. Browsers is where most internet users browse content online, like visiting online casino NetBet to play online games.

The surface web may portray most of what a typical user sees; the dark web contains many more layers of hidden content. Users can visit these hidden sites and engage in legal and illicit activities under an anonymous IP address covered using a unique browser known as The Onion Router (Tor).

What Is the Surface Web, and How Does It Work?

The surface web refers to websites accessible to the general public without Tor or other unique browsers or software. Search engines can easily find sites on the surface web because they are indexable.

Even though the surface web hosts many of the most,.net, websites, it is estimated that it only contains about 5% of all internet content, with the rest being on the deep web or dark web. The surface web can be compared to the tip of a giant iceberg, with the bulk of the iceberg hidden just under the surface.

When was the Dark Web created, and why was it made?

The dark web is thought to have started in 2000 when University of Edinburgh student Ian Clarke released Freenet, his thesis project. Clarke wanted to invent a new way to communicate and share files anonymously on the internet. The Tor Project, founded in 2002 and launched a browser in 2008, was built on this foundation. Users could now browse the internet entirely anonymously and explore sites classified as part of the “dark web” thanks to the creation of Tor.

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How the Dark Web Functions

The dark web, which the US Department of Defense first used to communicate anonymously, has become a hub for users worldwide who want to remain anonymous. The dark web is used for both legal and illegal purposes. It employs a technique known as “onion routing,” which protects users from surveillance and tracking by routing data through a series of encrypted servers at random intervals. When users use Tor to access a website, their data is routed through thousands of relay points, effectively obscuring the user’s tracks and rendering their browsing virtually impossible to track.

Legal Uses of the Dark Web

While using the dark web may appear illegal at first glance, it is entirely legal, and there are numerous legitimate applications for Tor and anonymous browsing. In countries where government surveillance may spy on and oppress political dissidents. Even though these added layers of security, users should still be cautious when using the deep web and take appropriate security measures, such as updating their security software regularly, browsing with a strong VPN, and avoiding standard email.


Fortunately, government bodies, law enforcement agencies, and thousands of information technology professionals are constantly thwarting the cybersecurity and international threats posed by the dark web’s anonymity.