Victoria Station Redevelopment Bid Launched

A process to create a masterplan for the redevelopment of the area around London’s Victoria station has begun.

The Victoria Business Improvement District (BID), a consortium of local businesses, is inviting consultants to develop a masterplan for the area according to New Civil Engjneer. The masterplan will identify and outline short, medium, and long term aims over 15 years and will address issues such as the redevelopment of the station itself, the possible Crossrail 2 project and identifying future development sites in the area.

A spokesperson for Victoria BID says: “The commissioning of this strategy is an important step towards realising the significant opportunities for Victoria. It will consider physical and spatial design principles, viability and deliverability, ensuring that any redevelopment works for the whole of Victoria and the people that live, work and visit this already vibrant part of London.”

The areas in and around several of London’s key transport termini have attracted extensive redevelopment activity of late including King’s Cross/St Pancras and Paddington, with ambitious plans to redevelop Euston to accommodate HS2 now underway. Developers will be interested to see what plans emerge for Victoria which is London’s second busiest station by passenger numbers.

Source New Civil Engineer
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