TV Property Personality Kirstie Allsopp Has Twitter Meltdown

Property TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp had a Twitter meltdown this week following a dispute with British homeowners on the trivial subject of where they place their washing machines.

The debate started harmlessly enough after Allsopp replied to a tweet stating, “it is disgusting – my life’s work is in part dedicated to getting washing machines out of the kitchen.”

It quickly spiralled out of control with Allsopp publicly calling her critics a “bunch of total f*ckwits” and announcing she would be quitting Twitter.

A moment of madness from the usually cool presenter. Source: Twitter

The expletive-ridden rant did not go unnoticed from her 408,000 followers.

Users pointed out that not everyone was fortunate enough to have the space for a separate laundry room, “Not everybody is as privileged as you, Kirstie. Do you seriously think everyone has room to put a washer elsewhere?” said Darren Dee.

It isn’t the first time the Channel 4 presenter has been embroiled in a Twitterstorm. Last year she sparked a lengthy debate on the role of the NHS, “Just saw a guy have a glass of coke, a cappuccino, a croissant and a ham & cheese sandwich for breakfast, #OurNHSistoast”.

Allsopp, 45, suggested washing machines could be put in a hall cupboard, bathroom or airing cupboard instead of the kitchen. Source: Twitter

Kirstie is the daughter of Charles Henry Allsopp – the 6th Baron Hindlip. Eton educated Charles was Chairman of the illustrious London auction house Christie’s and his peerage allows Kirstie to use the title “The Honourable”.

DealMakerz advice to Allsopp:

  1. Hire a social media PR manager
  2. Don’t be surprised when people troll you on Twitter if you call them a “f*ckwit”
  3. Hire a social media PR manager

Allsopp was educated at Beadles – an exclusive private school in Hampshire. Source: ITV

The Location Location Location star bought her first flat when she was 21 but now lives in London’s fashionable Holland Park, which she told the Daily Mail is “worth a couple of million”.

She also owns a property in the West Country and her husband’s property empire said to stretch to over £20 million.

Influencer: Allsopp has 408,00 Twitter followers, dwarfing her co-presenter Phil Spencer’s 108,000 followers. Source: Twitter

DealMakerz suggest Allsopp refrain from making such sweeping statements. The stark reality is that an average one bedroom flat in London is just under 500 sqr ft and £470,000. Most first-time buyers save for 10 years or more for a deposit in the capital and look to property experts for guidance.

The TV star’s privileged upbringing in private schools and aristocracy seems to be shielding her from the real world, which is strange as she has spent her career conducting viewings of properties across the country. Any minor argument on Twitter can be blown out of proportion – it’s entirely dependent on the reaction of the main protagonist; calling her followers “f*ckwits” shows a lack of self-control that is much more interesting to onlookers than the relatively boring debate of where an appliance should go.

Channel 4 are currently filming the next series of ‘Location…’ – we look forward to The Honourable Kirstie Allsop’s sweary new attitude gracing our screens. Just don’t say the wrong thing Phil…

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