Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s Daughter Spotted Looking at London Properties

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s daughter Isabella Cruise has been spotted house hunting with her husband Max Parker in….Croydon.

The 24-year-old has shunned the Hollywood life and is allegedly enjoying a low-key lifestyle in South London.

Her adoptive parents live in Hollywood luxury, each with a portfolio of spectacular properties in the US, but Miss Cruise was spotted in the street arm-in-arm with her husband Max Parker, an IT consultant, as they looked for a house in the South London suburb. The pair married in a Scientologist ceremony in London in 2015, but neither of her famous parents attended.

Isabella was adopted by the Hollywood stars in the 1990s along with her brother Connor. She has been estranged from her mother for years, since reportedly choosing to live with her dad Tom after the couple divorced in 2001.

Nicole, 50, has since welcomed two biological daughters, Faith and Sunday, with her second husband Keith Urban, and was recently reported to have got back in touch with Isabella.

Accepting a best actress award for the hit drama series Big Little Lies, she only mentioned the two girls she had with her current husband, Keith Urban.  “I am also a mother and a wife,” she said. “I have two little girls, Sunny and Faith. This is yours.”

While Miss Kidman rarely talks of her family, she described her recent film Lion as a ‘love letter’ to her adopted children.

She said the movie – about an Indian boy who is adopted by an Australian couple – made her think about their backgrounds, adding: “You’re all intertwined. Your destinies somehow all come together.”

New research indicates that to afford a house in parts of Croydon you need to earn as much as £34 an hour.

To be able to buy a home in up and coming Coulsdon or Purley, you would need to earn £66,300 a year – according to a study carried out by  The average annual income for a full-time working adult in the UK is currently £27,195.

Rob Burley, of Coulsdon-based estate agents Park & Bailey, said that Croydon’s property market was “relatively busy” at the moment but that there is value to be had.

“It is busy at the moment in Croydon. Properties are going for a bit less than usual and August has been a bit quieter than expected, but demand in the area is still high”.

DMZ thinks it’s great that Isabella has shunned the Hollywood lifestyle and instead wants to leave in the up-and-coming hipster hotspot of Croydon. Much maligned in the past, Croydon has seen some excellent house price increases in the last 18 months and arguably still has a bulky uplift to come in the future.

We advise Isabella to act fast as the borough is increasing by a whopping 15% per year and has seen gains of nearly 90% since 2009!

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