Tinie Tempah Recruits Galliard Homes CEO For Work Experience Project

Tinie Tempah has joined together with leaders from the property industry to support the launch of the Shadow to Shine and 2020 Change work experience and skills training initiative for youths from disengaged backgrounds.

Music and property industry leaders involved in the launch include music manager Dumi Oburota of Disturbing London; music artist Tinie Tempah; Stephen Conway, executive chairman of Galliard Homes; Becky Fatemi, managing director of Rokstone; and Faisal Saigol, CEO of Saigol DDC.

At a townhouse in Chester Square in Belgravia they met with Duro Oye and Michael Edison-Odiase, the co-chief executive officers of 2020 Change, and Fatemi, the ambassador for Shadow to Shine, to discuss the work experience and skills training initiatives being offered to young people across London.

They also met young Londoners Chase Cowans, 16, and Abi Akinboboye, 25, who have both completed the Cities Elite Mind-set adjustment programme with 2020 Change, and have secured work experience positions with companies through the Shadow to Shine programme.

Abi Akinboboye and Chase Cowans

For the skills training programme, youth initiative Shadow to Shine has partnered with 2020 Change, the youth empowerment organisation which was set-up to build the next generation of community, business and political leaders.

Working with men and women aged 16 and above who have either been previously convicted or are in such communities where they are exposed to the corruptive influences of drug and gang culture, to change their mindsets’ through periodic character development training sessions.

Shadow to Shine is a home-grown initiative specialising in empowering the next generation to step out of their shadow, by providing them with the opportunities and access to business industries.

The programme convenes young people who are furthest away from the labour market, for example who have recently left school with five or less A-C GCSEs. Cities Elite organises workshops to build mental toughness, develop interpersonal skills and robust character.

Upon completion, candidates graduate and are assigned work experience with the initiative’s commercial partners.

Stephen Conway, Duro Oye, Michael Edison-Odiase, Becky Fatemi, Dumi Oburota and Tinie Tempah

Oye and Edison-Odiase said disengaged young people, including those from ethic minorities or disadvantaged backgrounds, deserve a level playing field to be able to develop.

“Skills training and work experience with successful mentors from the business world can introduce these young people into a new world of thinking and give them the confidence and skills to fulfil their full potential and become key contributors to working society,” they said.

Oburota and Tempah added: “Leaders in the urban music industry can be influential and highly positive role models for young people across London. Helping young people connect with and be successful in corporate environments enables them to become business achievers of the next generation.”

Chester Square in Belgravia

Conway said that Galliard Homes takes pride in championing charitable, art and community initiatives, since the development of London’s youth is vital for the future of the city.

Companies across London can support the campaign by providing work experience placements for one to two of the young people, working for either the CEO/managing director, or a member of staff. The only expenses for the company are food and travel.

After the work experience there are two sessions of mentoring to discuss observations, advise and exchange feedback. There is a graduation ceremony and mentors are recommended to attend and show their support.

Companies can also support the Shadow to Shine work experience and 2020 Change’s Cities Elite Mentee Sessions through a £500+ donation at https://www.gofundme.com/Shadow2shine.

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