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Sleep well...this is how the "Sounder Sleep System™" method works.

Sleep well…this is how the “Sounder Sleep System™” method works.

Sleeping well – very important for your health! But for many, this is associated with difficulties and is not something that comes on its own. Maybe you haven’t found a way to help you sleep better?
Do you feel like you’re doing everything “right” and still can’t get it done? You can control the daylight, screens, coffee, etc. resident Do you lie there tossing and turning night after night?

Maybe I can give you a new piece of the puzzle, something you missed, from the tool I use in my work? I work with Sounder Sleep System™A system for healthier sleep. Have you thought about how fast you move during the day? Just as fast and strong movements awaken the nervous system, we can use the opposite; Slow down in small, specific movements often, to calm down – both during the day to prepare for a better night, and specifically before and during the night.

This is a reader post, in response to what I have Desire for guest jobsWritten by Eva Damkjeer

Almost no matter what health inspiration you listen to, the importance of good sleep comes as one of the most important things to health and well-being. But just knowing how important sleep is can make it more difficult and more worrying and worrying for you who may not be sleeping well? And here we have something that can really become a negative spiral. Worrying about not sleeping and getting the recovery you need is not helpful in itself!

When is a sleep disorder considered?

How do you know if you have a problem? There are individual differences in how much sleep we need, right?

Questions you can ask yourself to see if it’s a problem for you might be: Are you feeling alert? do you work? Do you need to have coffee or sugar to get your day going?

About one in four people have sleep problems from time to time, and women are more likely than men. The information varies somewhat in different surveys. It’s not just that it’s hard to fall asleep at night. In my experience, it’s more common to fall asleep quite easily but then wake up during the night and have a hard time getting back to sleep. Or you wake up too early, long before it’s time to wake up and can’t get back to sleep. Having this happen from time to time is common and can be a part of life, things happen in most people’s lives at some point and cause it to be temporary. It’s okay for short periods and something that can happen to all of us. If it lasts more than a month and at least three nights a week, it is classified as a sleep problem. And “it’s hard to fall asleep” – this is where you usually draw the line if it takes more than 45 minutes to fall asleep.

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What should you do next?

Do you feel like you’re doing everything “right” and still can’t get it done? You watch your food, exercise enough and at the recommended time of day, go out in broad daylight, avoid screens in the evening, have a cool, dark bedroom, don’t drink coffee after lunchtime and resident Do you lie there tossing and turning night after night and not sleeping?

Maybe I can give you a new piece of the puzzle, something you missed, from the tool I use in my work? I work with Sounder Sleep System™It can be translated as a “healthier sleep regimen”. It is inspired by the Feldenkrais® Method with elements of yoga, qi gong and meditation; It is based on the discovery that certain bodily movements can help us move from a state of alertness and alertness to a state of increased calmness.

FifthAdvertising The safest sleep system How is it different from other methods?

The safest sleep system Depends on natural breathing directed by attention; Combined with passive and active movements.
Passive movements are about feeling the natural movements that occur in you through your breath. Active movements are simple exercises where, for example, we use different hand grips (you will learn one below); Simple exercises can help you slow down and create the conditions for a good night’s sleep.

1. Breathing

breathing exercises in The safest sleep system It is very different from many other breathing exercises, for example deep, conscious breathing which can create a sense of stress and tension and because of this does not always provide natural relaxation. Think to yourself, you are going to do something difficult, and maybe even make that unpleasant call. Or lift something heavy. You take a deep breath to prepare yourself and then tell your mind that you are about to throw yourself into something stressful or something where you need strength, physically or mentally. It is the opposite of what is required for rest, sleep and recovery.

in The safest sleep system There is no intention of consciously changing or manipulating the breathing but the idea is to return to completely normal breathing, you already have the power within you. I feel that those who usually find breathing exercises difficult (actually not entirely unusual) manage these exercises better. Perhaps because you are doing something, you are getting stuck thinking about something you are going to do while the movements themselves calm down directly.

2. Movements

The safest sleep system It is based on the discovery that specific bodily movements can help us move from a state of alertness and alertness to a state of increased calm, both physically and mentally. Just as fast and strong movements awaken the nervous system, we can use the opposite; Slow down specific, small movements often, to calm down. I usually give the picture that you imagine for example that you are driving your car late at night and you start to feel tired, what do you do? He stops, descends, jumps in place, maybe sets his arms on fire? He woke up. In exactly the same way, you can get more calm than the other way around.

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One of the specific hand grips we use The safest sleep system It looks like this:

Just holding hands like this, with them together, can be very soothing. Try sitting like this, follow your breath and notice, what physical sensations can you perceive from your hands?

The importance of anti-gravity muscles

Other exercises that target larger muscle groups; You need to reach your anti-gravity muscles, the muscles that allow you to stay upright in the gravitational field we live in. Many of us can’t let go of these muscles even when we’re lying down and don’t need them. When the anti-gravity muscles activate and do what they’re supposed to do, they tell your nervous system that it’s time to wake up and be active; Muscles are still trying to catch you! Good sleep is not helpful.

Example of the exercise:

Step 1. Lie on your right side with your hips and knees bent. Breathe in slowly and while doing this, tilt the left thigh slightly down, (down = towards the end of the foot and towards the floor, the pelvis tilts sideways, ie so that the waist is slightly off the floor) the hip where it is and exhale slowly.

Step 2. With the next breath, inhale slowly and, as you do so, move the left thigh down slightly. Keep the hip in place and exhale slowly.

Step 3. On your third breath, inhale slowly and move your left thigh down more. Keep the hip in place and exhale slowly.

Step 4. Inhale slowly while keeping your hip in place. Next, exhale slowly and let go of the left hip gradually Leave it and return to the normal resting position.

Step 5. Stop, rest and feel. After doing this four-step movement Once only Stop, relax and be amazed three or more entire respiratory cycles. Repeat as many times as you wish, resting after each round.

Brief description of the exercise, taken from the book The Insomnia Solution by Michael Krugman, the man behind a sound sleep regimen. Translated (and some clarifications) by Eva Damkjeer.

What you do during the day is important!

One of the aha experiences I often encounter among those I teach The safest sleep system Is that what you do during the day is crucial to how you sleep at night! A person who is restless and works all day (without noticing it himself) cannot relax and sleep well in the evening. How do you start your day? At what speed do you rush? No, it is not at all obvious that the more tired you feel when you sleep, the easier it will be for you to fall asleep. It’s not just young children who can be “tired”. Repeated moments of recovery during the day can be crucial. At least three times a day for a few minutes, we teach The safest sleep system. Some people need to remind themselves by setting an alarm or get into a habit by relating their recovery time to a special situation, for example when they go to the toilet or when they wake up in the morning. For those with mild sleep problems, this may be enough to feel an effect on sleep at night.

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Once you learn some exercises that work for you during the day, you can gradually use the same exercises in the evening to help you sleep or if you are having trouble falling asleep at night.

How do you learn this?

The safest sleep system It is often taught in the form of a workshop where you have plenty of time to learn and practice. Especially those with long-term sleep issues may need to consider in the long term making a change as this regimen could be one of the parts involved. For those with milder, short-lived problems, a shift in sleep quality can happen quickly with partial knowledge of how sleep works and self-practice tools to calm the nervous system.

You can’t decide “I’m going to sleep now”. But what is possible is to learn to put yourself in a situation in which you can fall asleep.

Are you curious about The safest sleep system? Read more huhs. It is a common site for teachers in The safest sleep system In the world. Want to try one of the above hand grip exercises? a look over here.

My name is Eva Damkjær, you can read more about me on my website.
Thanks for just reading! Slept well!

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