Size Of Bezos’ Mega Property Portfolio Revealed

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has a net worth of $140bn (around £110bn) a substantial part of which is held in property, according to a recent report.

The size of Bezos’ portfolio has come to light following the announcement of his divorce from wife MacKenzie, prompting discussion about how the portfolio could be divided between them.

It is reported that Bezos’ portfolio includes two mansions in Beverly Hills originally purchased for $24m and $13m, a Manhattan property purchased 20 years ago for $7.7m, two luxury properties in Seattle – one of which cost an estimated $53m to build – and substantial land holdings in Texas.

Some observers might find it kind of ironic that an entrepreneur whose business has probably contributed to the demise of many bricks and mortar businesses has put so much of his money into property. However, it probably serves to emphasise the fact the while online business is a virtual investment bricks and mortar is real and enduring.

Source Daily Mail
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