Sienna Miller Is Dumping London’s Queens Park For New York

Sienna Miller, one of London’s A list celebrities and focal socialite, has decided to dump London for the other side of the pond – New York!

Miller now thinks that London has become too “cliquey” and uninspiring. She is throwing in the towel and taking her four year old daughter, Marlowe, with her!

Miller’s bags are packed! Source: Instagram

Miller’s bags are packed and she is ready to go!  Her sister posted the above photo of her at JFK airport… did she pack enough?

The move to pastures new may be related to her breaking off her engagement to Marlowe’s father, Tom Sturridge, “London feels cliquey and sometimes a little bit like swimming through mud” explained Sienna.  “I feel like people come to New York to do something. I kind of dine out on that energy. Everyone is here because they’re like: ‘I have something to say, something to do and I’m going to do it’…I find New York, at the moment, a little bit more inspiring” she added.


Once part of the Primrose Hill set reboot (when Kate Moss, Sadie Frost and co. were joined by Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty in the mid-2000s), Sienna has made it clear she’s so over London.

Miller leaves behind a beautiful £2.45million house in Queen’s Park. The four storey Victorian build family house in leafy north-west London contains Chinese-style painted wallpaper, a cosy den of a living room and a capacious kitchen perfect for parties.

There are four bedrooms with Shoji Style Doors leading to Walk In Closet Space and an artfully unkempt garden. The backdoor area features a secluded patio / entertaining area and a conservatory with underfloor heating.

Sienna was a London party girl before being cast as one of Jude Law’s lovers in the 2004 remake of classic Michael Caine film Alfie. Her relationship with Jude went horribly wrong in 2005 when he was discovered to have been sleeping with his children’s nanny. Law made a public apology to Sienna, but they broke off their engagement.

Wearing a sleeveless cream top and grey trousers, the actress posed in front of three trolleys full of luggage, including a Louis Vuitton duffle bag. ‘It’s official,’ wrote fashion designer Savannah. ‘She’s a New Yorker.’

Miller did have time to comment on London, “I still adore London and I’m very lucky that I can return as much as I can, even for short stints like this one. I’m not pining that much. Right now, it’s about soaking up the energy of a new place, of a new environment. I like the idea of a new chapter.”

Lock up your husbands! Not too shabby for a Factory Girl. DMZ will miss Miller but we are certain that she will be making regular trips back to the UK.

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