Sex, MI5 & Multi-Million Pound Lies: The Bizarre Life Of Britain’s Most Notorious Developer

If you had to describe notorious London developer Myck Djurberg’s life in one word it would be – eventful.

Djurberg has been accused of sexual assault on tradesmen, disqualified from being a company Director and most recently been dragged through the courts on the accusation that he sold multi-million pound houseboats without any planning permission and incorrect mooring rights.

The high-end houseboats were moored close to Hampton Court Palace. Source: Wikimedia

On Friday a judge ruled that Djurberg had “induced” two couples, Oliver and Jennifer Small and Fiona Johnstone and Louis Sydney, to purchase houseboats by saying they had long-term mooring rights at Hampton Riviera marina in south-west London.

The two huge houseboats were purchased for £1.25million and £550,000 respectively, but due to their size and mooring licences neither could be used – the Small Family said they have been forced to park their 5,000 square foot houseboat in a local storage facility, leaving it to rot.

Judge Murray Rosen ruled in favour of the two couples after a High Court trial in London, assigning the Small family £1.25 million damages and the Johnstone-Sydneys £550,000.

Luxurious developments: Djuberg’s swiss chalet project included a ‘beach room’ for parties. Source: River Homes

An architect turned developer, Djurberg has made millions through converting one off properties into luxurious works of art. He boasted in The Sun that he spent £4.8million developing a swiss style chalet on the Hampton Rivera, installing a £600,000 ‘floating’ swimming pool.

“The kitchen cost £500,000 alone, the gold basins in the master bedroom en suite were £18,000 each and the baths £9,000 each” said Djurberg.

The stunning chalet was listed for £13 million with much fanfare in 2016, however DealMakerz could’t find any record of it actually being sold on Land Registry.

No expense spared: the swiss chalet included an array of real Gold furnishings. Source: River House.

To further add to Djurberg’s backstory, in 2012 he was cleared of four counts of sexual assault after it was alleged he groped the rear ends of workmen.

He was alleged to have grabbed the bottoms of people who worked for him, sending his workers inappropriate texts, promising them lavish holidays and telling a 14-year-old boy he “couldn’t hold a cock”.

His accusers said in court in 2012, “We saw him as funding all these luxury boathouses and he said he had a grand hotel in the Dominican Republic…Myck used to tell us he was a doctor and he had houses here and houses there and we all believed him until after a while we realised none of it was true and he was just a dreamer.” A jury at Kingston Crown Court cleared Djuberg of all charges.

Recent photo of Dr. Salvad’eor Priost. Source: Wikicommons.

Djurberg also operated under the name ‘Dr. Salvad’eor Priost‘, claiming to be a chartered accountant who spoke 10 languages.

In 2003, under this pseudonym, Djurberg created a marketing regulatory company called the Standards for Promotions Inspectorate (SPi). The firm boasted Dame Stella Rimington (the former head of MI5) and Lord Paddy Ashdown as Directors, but was ordered by the government to be wound up.

Our favourite quote from a Telegraph article at the time:

Mr Priost was yesterday uncontactable at both his home and on his mobile phone. One source close to the company said that it was unlikely that he would be traceable. “His phone numbers never work,” he said.

Djurberg somehow persuaded the former Head of MI5 to become a Director at his doomed marketing regulatory firm: Source: Flickr

Myck Djurberg’s recent verdict should finally provide his victims with the cash to purchase another property. However, if you were purchasing a £1.25million house from an individual, would you not spend 30 seconds googling them first?

The buyers may have thought twice before parting with millions if they knew they were dealing with a man who was disqualified from companies house.

Nevertheless, DealMakerz are glad the case has been settled.

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