All 20 Houses In Royal Crescent Up For Grabs

An exclusive landmark in central London has gone on sale today, as all twenty houses in the Royal Crescent have gone on sale with prices going up to £20 million.

Astonishingly, not only will future owners get to view these exceptional properties but also art from Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst line the walls upon arrival.

If that wasn’t enough, prospective buyers will get to view the crescent’s eight acres of private gardens. Any bright-eyed buyer will surely note that the gardens have been modeled on the Buckingham Palace grounds.

The Park Crescent, in London’s Marylebone, is Grade I listed, with many of the properties being offices in the late 20th century.  The stucco-fronted crescent is painted white, in the style of the many Nash terraces which can be seen elsewhere in London’s exclusive residential areas.

Amazon Property started a restoration of this prestigious site from 2013. The properties range from £3,950,000 to £20 million.

Stepping through the houses the key features are the high ceilings and large rooms, which lend themselves to the potential of fabulous venues to host parties or fine dining for, close family and friends.

We at DMZ can see the tremendous value that these properties will continue to maintain even when the initial cost may seem high. To find this much land and property in central London is extremely hard to find and we have little doubt the houses will not stay on the market for long.

Some investors have commented that the Crescent is too close to the busy roads / polluted areas but time will tell if this will deter buyers.

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