Rightmove Head Of Marketing Named One Of London’s Most Influential People

Rightmove’s head of marketing Iain Kennedy has been named one of the most influential people in London.

Kennedy features in the London Evening Standard’s annual “Progress 1000” – a list of the 1,000 most influential people who work, live and/or originate from the capital.

He is placed in the Constructors: Build & Design category, which is made up of people working in urban design and development “who create the fabric of the city”.

Kennedy has been based in London for several years


The entry states: “Though it feels as if we’ve always searched property online, Rightmove only began in 2000. It now has four million visits a day and more than a million properties to buy or rent.”

Kennedy joined Rightmove in 2014 after a career promoting Scotch whisky worldwide.

According to the paper, he wants people “to enjoy themselves and come back. We have way more properties than anyone else.”

The category also features Harry Handelsman, founder and chief executive of Manhattan Loft Corporation, who is behind the 2011 transformation of Gilbert Scott’s Grade I masterpiece, now St Pancras Grand.

In Stratford, Handelsman’s cantilevered 42-storey Manhattan Loft Gardens, with three sky-gardens, completes next year.

The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel is described by some as London’s most romantic building


Another entry is Brian Bickell, chief executive of Shaftesbury, which owns 14.5 acres of the West End, mostly around Carnaby Street, Seven Dials and Chinatown.

They feature alongside John and Fawn James of Soho Estates. Porn king Paul Raymond left his £600 million-plus portfolio to granddaughters Fawn and India Rose.

Director Fawn, with stepfather John, managing director, is currently building a £385 million, eight-storey block, Ilona Rose House, on Foyles’ old site. She is also planning a nightclub, plus a club, to replace historic Kettners.

The list also features Peter Vernon, executive director of Grosvenor Group, whose Britain & Ireland arm owns much of grand historic London. This July it launched its romantic plan to turn leafy, 18th-century Italianate Grosvenor Square into London’s principal square.

Grosvenor Square is the centrepiece of the Mayfair property of the Duke of Westminster


The winners were endorsed by new Evening Standard editor George Osborne and London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Kennedy’s entry comes after Forbes labelled Rightmove the most innovative growth company for 2017.

Forbes’ annual list contains the most innovative public companies with market values between $2 billion and $10 billion.

Forbes said the portal, which has more property listings than any other platform in the country, was a first mover in online real estate listings and has capitalised on network effects – the idea that a platform grows more valuable with every additional user.

“Its CEO eschews process and hierarchy and encourages employees to share ideas early, before they’ve spent so much time on them that others will be less likely to point out their flaws,” it added.

Rightmove’s revenue reached £119.5 million in the first half, giving the portal giant a monthly profit of around £20 million


DealMakerz thinks the accolades for the Rightmove team are well-deserved. Four million views a day is an incredible achievement, and it once again shows the extent to which we are living in a digital age.

Rightmove managed an 8.5% rise in first half profits due to increased advertisement sales to estate agents. It contrasts with eye-watering falls in profits of 98% at Countrywide and 64% at Foxtons.

Rightmove takes a whopping 77% of its profits from estate agent revenue and it is the most profitable portal in the world when it comes to profit margins, suggesting there is a lot of financial know-how behind the technology.

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