Ransom Threats, Katy Perry & EastEnders – The Bizarre Candy Brothers Trial Rumbles On

The increasingly bizarre trial of Mark Holyoake vs. The Candy Brothers seems to get stranger by the day.

Some of the latest accusations flung at the so-called ‘Billionaire Bling Brothers’ include links to the Russian Mafia, a penchant for Katy Perry and being on the wrong end of derogatory nicknames including ‘Ricky Butcher’ and ‘clown Candy’.

Mark Holyoake is suing the Candy Brothers for £132million. Source: Youtube

Mark Holyoake borrowed £12million from Christian’s CPC company in 2011 to fund a property development project at Grosvenor Gardens House in Belgravia, but eventually had to pull out at a loss of £100 million in potential profits.

He alleges that he ended up paying back £37 million on the 2-year loan after signing a number of finance deals and is now seeking £132 million for lost profits, legal costs and damages.

Grosvenor Gardens House, Belgravia. Source: Wikimedia

As part of questioning, the High Court was told that global megastar Katy Perry was paid £1.2m to perform a 45-minute set at Nick Candy’s wedding to Holly Valance in 2012.

The event was a lavish four-day event in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, with a whopping 300 guests in attendance including Simon Cowell, Elton John and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. When questioned in court about his opulent lifestyle, Nick replied that it wasn’t typical of his spending habits: “Hopefully I won’t get married again.”

Singer Katy Perry received £1.2million for her 45min set at Nick Candy’s wedding – that’s £26k per minute… Source: Wikimedia

The court also heard that Holyoake had numerous nicknames for Nick – some of which he knew of, some of which were new to him, “There was banter. I did not know I was called ‘clown Candy’.” said Nick.

“He called me Ricky Butcher because he thought I was thick as two short planks”.

“Rickaaay!” DMZ suspects Dean Gaffney didn’t attend Candy’s wedding. Source: BBC

Nick Candy also responded to the allegations of threats his brother may sell Holyoake’s loan to Russian debt collectors, who would not hesitate to “seriously f**king hurt” Holyoake and his family: “What makes me sick about this case is the allegations that have been put that I threatened his family,” Candy told the court.

The elder of the two brothers, Nick went on to describe his account of an alleged menacing call, which he said he took while food tasting for their wedding with then-fiancée Holly Valance, “the sun was shining in LA, this wasn’t an aggressive call. I followed the script. I never ever threatened Mark in that call. Has there been commercial pressure? 100% yes. Have there been any physical threats? Absolutely not.”

Candy said the ongoing, ugly dispute has completely changed his view of Holyoake. In a written statement he described his former friend as a “fraud” and a “pathological liar”.

Top 5 Strangest Quotes From the Candy Trial So Far:

  1. “I’m probably not as unpopular as Donald Trump now” (Nick Candy)
  2. “There are men in the Candys’ extended circle who have died mysteriously” (Emma Holyoake)
  3. “It was one of the top five kidnapping threats that year” (Nick Candy)
  4. “Chris (Candy) sat with his body angled away from me, eating a big bag of sweets, rather like a stereotypical Mafia boss or James Bond villain.” (Mark Holyoake)
  5. “I didn’t have a nickname for him, but I might do after this case” (Nick Candy on Mark Holyoake)

Of the disputed deal, Candy said it was only during preparing for the trial that he realised Holyoake hadn’t put any money into the Belgravia development himself but had borrowed the sum to acquire the period mansion block and refurbish it.

Christian, 41, is the elder of the two property brothers. Source: YouTube

Under questioning in court, Nick Candy revealed that he had been the subject of a kidnapping threat ‘some years ago’.

He said that he received a ransom demand for £1million, which he reported to the Metropolitan Police via his friend (and former assistant commissioner) John Yates. In an attempt to catch the criminals red-handed, police had simulated handing over the ransom at a secure drop-off location so they could obtain grid coordinates.

“At the highest level it was reported to the police,” Candy said. “It was one of the top five kidnapping threats that year. As I left my house there was people monitoring where I went, when I went to my car. It was a very serious kidnapping threat.”

DMZ are no experts on law enforcement, but we’re still pondering what the other ‘top 4 kidnapping threats’ were that year. The (bizarre) case continues…

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