Purplebricks, Yopa And The Rest Still Have Only 5% Market Share

The online agents’ share of the estate agency market is still less than 5%, a recent analysis of listings claims.

Statistics from The Advisory, an independent advisory service for sellers, for the two weeks to March 8 report that the largest online agent Purplebricks took on the most new listings at 3,011, followed by Housesimple with 485 and Yopa with 453. It said that total market share for the top ten largest online agents was 4.77% and that Purplebricks – although still by far the largest player – and Yopa both lost market share to smaller competitors.

The fact that the housing market is in something of a holding pattern at the moment due to Brexit is likely to have had an impact on these figures of course. Purplebricks in particular probably won’t be too disappointed with their performance. However, the overall low market share for the online sector is likely to disappoint many of those involved in it given the vast amounts of investment it has received in recent years.

Source The Advisory
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