Purplebricks Fakes Price Reductions, Insider Claims

Online portal Purplebricks fakes price reductions on some of their listings, while some other agents fake entire listings, so says an estate agency blogger interviewed by the Times.

The Times reports the anonymous blogger as saying that the estate agency business, and especially lettings, is like the “wild west” since it is unpoliced allowing agents to behave as they like. It refers to Purplebricks as a “bad offender” in the article, but suggests such practices are rife in the industry.

The blogger is reported as saying: “Part of the problem, particularly in lettings, is that there is no one policing the industry. There is no sheriff in town. Some of these practices may not appear the worst thing in the world but if people are prepared to do them when they can easily be found out, you have to wonder what else they are doing behind closed doors.”

Purplebricks refutes the allegations, telling the newspaper:  “We’re disappointed to see these isolated examples, which are a tiny proportion of the thousands of changes made by Purplebricks and our customers every day. This is not a practice we adopt or accept and, in line with our commitment to higher standards of transparency in our industry, we will actively prevent this kind of behaviour as soon as it’s pointed out.”

Without knowing the identity of the blogger it is difficult to know what they are hoping to achieve by exposing these practices – if indeed exposing them will or could really achieve anything.

Source The Times
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