Purplebricks Are Plumbers, CEO Says

The founder and CEO of US real estate brokerage The Agency, Mauricio Umansky, has claimed that Purplebricks’ agents are the plumbers of the real estate world.

Umansky made what appears to be a disparaging comment – in relation to Purplebricks’ US operation – in a discussion with Eric Eckardt, Purplebricks’ US CEO, at a panel discussion in New York this week.

Umansky appeared to be suggesting that discount or fixed fee estate agency brokerages can’t hope to meet customer expectations. He is reported as saying: “If you want to hire a plumber for the most important transaction of your life, go for it.”

Purplebricks has been called many choice things by its full service competitors, of which this is probably not the worst. Umansky is no doubt not too familiar with the UK plumbing profession where plumbers are widely revered and whose charges make estate agents look cheap.

Source The Real Deal
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