Proptech1 Ventures Opens In London, Expands Investment In UK

German venture capital fund PropTech1 Ventures is opening an office in the United Kingdom following openings in Munich and Zurich. The UK office is to serve as the centre for PropTech1’s investment expansion in the UK, led by senior associate Jan Gierkes.

PropTech1 Ventures addresses all subsegments of the Proptech sector with typical ticket sizes between €200,000 and €3m as initial investment. As a long- term partner PropTech1 accompanies its portfolio companies through several financing rounds, from the seed to the growth phase.

The company comments: “As an independent financial investor with over 30 shareholders consisting of leading European real estate corporates as well as medium-sized real estate companies and entrepreneurs, PropTech1 Ventures is an ideal investor for British PropTech startups planning to enter mainland Europe.

“PropTech1’s structure offers the ‘best of three worlds’: Venture capital specialists, serial entrepreneurs from the digital sector, and real estate experts, who offer British PropTech startups access to extensive customer bases and real estate portfolios. Conversely, PropTech1 is also the ideal contact for investors looking for such a partner in a financing syndicate.”

PropTech1’s arrival in London is something of a vote of confidence in the UK proptech industry, and suggests overseas investors are willing to look beyond Brexit uncertainty.

Source Proptech1 Ventures
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