Property Portfolio Worth £4million On £90k Salary For Disgraced MP

Keith Vaz, now the former Home Affairs committee chairman, is facing questions as his wife has now bought seven properties totaling £4million after they bought a £500k flat in Pimlico.  The 57 year old has worked in the House of Commons since 1987.  Additionally, since 1987, he has only declared outside earnings of £2k as well as rent of more than £10k a year from a flat he owns.

As a reflection of the London house prices during the last ten years, the couples main property in Stanmore, North London, was bought for £1.1 million in 2005 but is said to be worth more than £2 million now.  Mr. Vaz’s Edgware flat in north London, allegedly where he entertained male escorts last month was bought without a mortgage in June for £387,500 and registered under his name.

Mr. Vaz’s lawyer stated categorically that, “his wife is a successful lawyer.  You will find everything was declared properly in the register of members’ interests.  He is punctilious about that”.

In other political property news, Graham Stringer, MP for Blackley and Broughton, is pushing for the opulent Palace of Westminster to be renovated and changed into a museum and parliament to be moved to Manchester!  Westminster has signs of decay and is in need of a full makeover.  This makeover is said to cost £7 billion, something Mr. Stringer said is “absurd” to spend “on an old building in London”.

Stringer argues that it is already a tourist attraction and should be something that the general public has access too.   “It would create jobs and opportunities in a sector that everyone agrees is over-centralised.  As well as those bigger northern cities lets also allow York and Durham to bid for it.  Obviously I would be in favour of moving to Manchester or Salford – like some of the BBC departments [which moved from London from 2011].”

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