PNC Menon Wants To Create ‘Mini London’ Community

Global property mogul PNC Menon says that he wants to create a ‘mini London’ community, which could be a sizable mixed use redevelopment near a Crossrail link.

In an interview with Metro Menon, who started the business which is now Sobha Realty forty years ago with $7, suggests that his £3bn Sobha Hartland development in Dubai is his current grand project. However, he says that he is a big admirer of London as the commercial capital of the world, which Brexit will not diminish, and would like to develop here at some point.

Menon says: “‘I can imagine London02 – a mixed use redevelopment near a Crossrail link, somewhere within 30 minutes of central London. I don’t want to develop and interfere with the heart of London’s historic buildings – though I love the blend of historic and modern buildings here. But a hub near the capital could create a whole new ‘mini London’ community.

“London is a world city with over 40 million visitors travelling to the capital for business and leisure. I don’t think Brexit, in the long term, will change this.”

Currently, Sobha Realty and Menon himself are not as widely known in the UK as in the Middle East. However, they have been associated with some sizable and high profile developments globally and Sobha have recently opened a UK office to showcase their brand. So any future projects that Menon might pursue in London could be substantial and very significant indeed for the property market here.

Source Metro
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