Planning Goes In For 21,500 Capacity Stratford Arena

A planning application has been submitted for the proposed music and entertainment venue, MSG Sphere London, on part of the 2012 Olympic Games site at Stratford.

The application has been submitted to the London Legacy Development Corporation by the US-based Madison Square Garden Company. The proposed world class arena will occupy a 4.7 acre site on a former coach park and comprise a landmark spherical building 120m in circumference by 90m tall.

The building will have a fully-programmable exterior that serves as a digital showcase. Inside, MSG Sphere will incorporate innovative technologies that provide what the developers call an ‘immersive experience’ including a haptic flooring system that allows guests to feel the music and the largest and highest resolution LED screen in the world.

Jayne McGivern, MSG’s executive vice-president of development and construction, says: “This is an opportunity to take an inaccessible coach park and use it to support thousands of jobs, and billions of pounds of economic benefit. Our plans make training and local hiring a priority, and would create a premier destination that serves as a long-term investment in the future of Newham, London and the UK.”

As a result of the 2012 Olympic Games Stratford has attracted considerable investment and development to transform it from a run down, post-industrial wasteland into a new commercial, residential and leisure-orientated part of the city. Assuming consent is granted, MSG Sphere can only help support the district’s further development over the next decade and beyond.

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Source MSG Sports & Entertainment
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