Persimmon Says Here’s £3,600 Until We Fix Your House

Housebuilder Persimmon is to introduce a homebuyer’s retention clause into its contracts as part of its customer care improvement plan.

The scheme, which Persimmon says is an industry first, means that 1.5% of the total home value can be withheld by the buyer’s solicitor until any faults identified at the point of key release are resolved. The company says the clause will be introduced by the end of June and, based on current selling prices, retention will be around £3,600 per house.

Roger Devlin, Chairman, said: “This is a first among the UK’s large housebuilders and I hope will lead the way in change across the sector.  This move, and the urgency with which we will introduce it, is a clear and unambiguous signal of cultural and operational change at Persimmon, putting customer care at the very centre of the business.”

Persimmon has received negative press over recent years relating to build problems with its houses, and the way it has dealt with them – and this is a positive attempt to address the situation. However, there is always the risk that such a scheme could backfire and generate even more disputes between builder, buyer and solicitor. Other housebuilders are likely to be watching with interest to see what happens.

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Source Persimmon Homes
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