Online Agents – Ahead Of Their Time Or Doomed ?

An article in The Telegraph, published yesterday, reviews whether the online estate agency model is ahead of its time and will eventually succeed …. or is so fundamentally flawed it will never actually work.

Examining the case that online agents are doomed, The Telegraph refers to the collapse of Emoov and HouseNetwork, Connell’s closure of its Hatched operation and Purplebricks withdrawal from Australia. It also refers to problems with customer perceptions of the online model, and the levels of customer dissatisfaction with the service offered by some online agents.

Making out the case that these agents are ahead of their time, the newspaper says that Purplebricks UK business is considered viable in the long term by analysts, as well as the fact that it actually makes money. It says that online agents have succeeded in pushing down the level of fees in the wider estate agency market.

At the end of the day The Telegraph article doesn’t offer a definitive answer to its own question. It seems to suggest, however, the online model has rather more negatives than positives.

Source The Telegraph
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