Online Agent Releases A Map Of Where To Buy If North Korea Dropped A Nuclear Bomb On Britain

Everyone makes mistakes.

But a press release from hybrid agent eMoov entitled ‘Options for Homebuyers Outside of a Nuclear Impact Zone’ surely takes the biscuit.

Was this a piss take; a late April fool that DealMakerz wasn’t party to? Apparently not – they were serious.

Minutes after being released it had been dubbed ‘the worst press release in history’ and in ‘extremely poor taste’ on Twitter. Source: Wikimedia

In what was, we assume, meant to be a tongue-in-cheek take on the current growing tensions between the US and North Korea, eMoov used the website Nukemap to distinguish areas that would be affected by a nuclear bombing campaign on UK cities.

eMoov then quantified the property prices of areas unaffected by a nuclear attack and gave commentary of how real estate prices might play out in such a scenario.

It’s worth re-reading that last line, just to take it in.

eMoov’s Nuclear Fallout Map: not something you see every day. Source: eMoov

The worst quotes from the release:

“there is a fairly large area of Wales left radiation free and the Isle of Anglesey (£161,262) and Aberystwyth (£175,809) are both out of the danger zone”

“Nestled between four impact zones, Brixworth in Northamptonshire with an average house price of £268,932. Not only is it one of the more expensive options but with nowhere to go but into radiation your survival rate isn’t very high.”

“with buyer demand already at explosive levels compared to the ground zero stock levels available, a nuclear war could see these more affordable areas grow in value” – eMoov CEO Russell Quirk

Nuclear bombs in Japan killed more than 200,000 people. Not exactly the best platform for a property market based joke. Source: Wikimedia.

We contacted eMoov and they provided the following statement, “We apologise to anyone who may have found this in bad taste. it certainly wasn’t our intention and we are sorry for any offence that may have been caused”.

Usually adept and experienced at topical PR plays, eMoov have made a obvious blunder with one of the strangest and distasteful releases we’ve ever seen.

However, it has been mentioned thousands of times, albeit negatively, on Twitter. We’re writing a story on it right now, so in many ways it may’ve worked perfectly as a press stunt.

DealMakerz advice for eMoov: try and steer clear of potentially sensitive areas.

No-one wants to see ‘eMoovs guide to Communism: where to buy in the property Marx-ket’.

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