Nick Candy ignites Chelsea hedge war after planting trees to protect wife’s modesty

Property tycoon Nick Candy has sparked a row with his Chelsea neighbours after building giant trees around his mansion to stop people spying on his sunbathing wife.

Candy ordered 15 trees, which had to be delivered by crane, to be planted along one edge of his £75 million historic Georgian home.

He claimed the foliage was needed to protect the privacy of his wife Holly Valance, the former model, singer and Neighbours actress.

It is thought Valance sunbathes next to a swimming pool in the four-acre grounds of Gordon House.

Holly comes from Australia where the weather is more sunbather-friendly
Source: Flickr

Locals, who include supermarket heir Alex Sainsbury, said the multi-millionaire “bulldozed” his way through the planning process and have appealed to local MP Greg Hands to get permission for the work to be overturned.

Artist Caroline Holmes, who lives on a second-floor flat adjoining Candy’s land, told the Mail on Sunday that Candy was ignoring the welfare of residents.

“Many of my neighbours on the lower floors are elderly and not able to get out much. I feel so bad for them – they are virtually entombed,” she said.

Nick didn’t want people spying on his family
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Candy, 44, has also ordered major work on the house to create what is thought to be Britain’s largest basement complex. It will house an underground swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, dance studio, cinema and bowling alley.

A spokesman for Candy argued that the tree planting was conducted over two years ago with full neighbour and local authority consultation and approval.

“They have been positioned to allow the owner’s young children some privacy from the 98 neighbours’ windows that overlook the garden,” he added.

The Candy Brothers are behind luxury developments like One Hyde Park
Source: Wikimedia

DealMakerz is surprised Candy felt he needed the trees given the lack of sunbathing potential in wet and windy England – perhaps a holiday is in order.

No doubt his children will soon be ensconced in the underground cinema and bowling alley, meaning garden privacy is no longer a requirement.

But it’s unlikely the residents will win their appeal for the trees to be removed. After all, there are far worse views to put up with than a row of trees.

The Candy brothers are really racking up enemies. Nick’s brother Christian infuriated his neighbours after winning a battle to reinstate a private garden outside his £200 million mansion in Regent’s Park.

The duo have also been accused of blackmail, extortion and Russian mafia threats in an ugly legal case that is still ongoing.

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