New London Flats To Be Smaller Than A Parking Space

New flats which are smaller than a typical car parking space have been approved by Croydon Council, it is reported.

The flats in Purley at 90 sq ft and 97 sq ft – less than the average parking space at around 120 sq ft – have been granted approval under permitted development rules. Although a studio flat in London should normally be at least 400 sq ft this rule does not apply as the flats are ostensibly part of a co-living scheme.

Construction of the flats has not yet started. However, the Daily Mail says it is one of an increasing number of ultra-small flats being developed or proposed in London and elsewhere. These are often formed from the conversion of a commercial building under permitted development rules and as such local authorities have few powers to control them.

High land costs plus the need for affordable accommodation in the London area have led some developers to find new and what might be called creative ways to satisfy the demand. New permitted developers rules are enabling some developers to push the boundaries in ways which were most certainly not the original intention of rules designed to streamline the planning process and increase housing supply. Many mainstream developers and investors will wonder what kind of property development opportunity schemes of this kind actually are and, more worryingly, what it might mean for the wider London property market.

Source Daily Mail
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