‘Murder Island’ For Sale: £325,000 Massive 29-Acre Plot Including House

A notorious Scottish island which became famous for an appalling murder case in the 1960’s has been put on the market for just £325,000.

The normally peaceful ‘Little Ross Island’ was home to the gruesome murder of Lighthouse keeper Hugh Clarke by Robert Dickson, another Lighthouse keeper stationed on the island.

The property listing includes a six bedroom cottage and courtyard, though the lighthouse tower is not part of the deal. Source: Rightmove

David Corrie, senior associate at property firm Galbraith said Little Ross offers “fantastic development potential…with a bit of TLC, the properties on the island could be turned into something truly stunning”.

Corrie went on to say he is expecting “a lot of interest from all over the UK as well as abroad.”

Potential buyers should be aware that the island is completely off-grid with power drawn from solar panels and a small wind turbine.

Scene of the crime: Ross Island is a 29 acre island in the south west of Scotland. Source: Rightmove
Not for commuters: the potential owner will only be able to access the island via private boat or helicopter. Source: Rightmove

The island has a morbid history.

Lighthouse Keeper Hugh Clarke was discovered bloodied and lying in bed alongside some lengths of rope by David Collin in 1960, who arrived on the island as part of a fishing trip.

Fellow Lighthouse Keeper Robert Dickenson was found guilty of Murder and sentenced to death by a UK court.

Collin wrote on the Kirkcudbright community website: “Something did not seem right…in the workshop at the base of the tower, the vice on the workbench gripped the sawn-off barrel of a rifle. All was not well”.

Beautiful: despite it’s gruesome history the Scottish island is undeniably stunning. Source: Rightmove

Estate Agent David Corrie added “Private islands rarely come up for sale at an affordable price and particularly one with a habitable house and additional properties”.

For any DealMakerz interested in purchasing the island, check out the Rightmove listing here.

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