Muggle Mansions: Hermione’s Hampstead Home and Potter’s Privet Drive for sale

The Potter stars have cast a spell over the property market as three houses linked to the JK Rowling film franchise have moved onto the market at the same time.

Hermione Granger’s (aka Emma Watson) six bedroom detached property in the Muggle area of Hampstead garden is on sale for a whopping £2.4 million. As if by magic, Radcliffe’s childhood (newly refurbished) home in Fulham, listed at £1.4 millon is also available (you might need to raid Gringotts to get your hand on this one) and the suburban house on Number Four Privet Drive (complete with cupboard-under-the-stairs), made famous by the first Harry Potter film, is on sale for £475,000.

Granger’s three-story house, which served as her dentist parents’ home and also, featured in the first Harry Potter. The now uber celebrity can be seen walking out of the house, through the peaceful cul-de-sac after erasing her parents’ memories. Conversely, the Privet Drive house was cast as the “perfectly ordinary house on a perfectly ordinary street”.

According to estate agents Chancellors, the Privet Drive Potter house has just had a major renovation, with the price just slytherin under £500,000. The house was sold for £290,000 in May 2010, but after the Potter stardom it was put up for auction but failed to sell.

In another strange turn of events, Harry Potter studio tour has said it is shifting its focus from wands to Wandsworth in a new £500 million strategy. The company, Landid, is looking to move to south London where they hope to build eight office blocks. In another property moved tied to a previous DMZ story the impact of Brexit is making this the perfect time to buy.

DMZ thinks any one of the houses sounds like a keeper, if you can Ron Weasel your way in.

The dimensions of the cupboard-under-the-stairs have not been disclosed.

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