Millennials Can’t Afford A Deposit Because They Have A Cleaner

Millennials have been accused of spending money on cleaners instead of saving up for a house deposit.

A survey commissioned by app Airtasker, which is similar to Task Rabbit, found 16% of under 35s have a cleaner, compared to 9% of older age groups.

Many young Londoners said they don’t have enough time to clean, while some said they find housework too boring.

The study, reported by the Evening Standard, also found Londoners are the “laziest” people in the UK and that the capital is the most time-poor part of the country.

Lucas London, UK general manager of Airtasker, said millennials living in the capital are making the best use of their time by hiring cleaners.

“Attitudes towards outsourcing everyday tasks are changing and it’s no longer considered ‘lazy’ to streamline your lifestyle to make the most of your time.”

London said he believes hiring a cleaner is not an extravagance for London millennials struggling to get onto the property ladder.

“If you’re time poor, getting a cleaner isn’t unnecessarily indulgent. It’s an efficient way to make the most of your own time, which can then be used elsewhere to work towards achieving professional and personal goals,” he said.

It comes after Australian real estate mogul Tim Gurner told young people to solve their housing woes by stopping spending money on avocado toast and coffee.

Meanwhile, demographer Bernard Salt wrote in the Australian that if young people stopped going to “hipster cafes” they could purchase property.

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